Best Email Marketing For Shopify

Communicating with current and prospective customers via email is one of the easiest, most effective ways to dramatically increase your business revenue, as well as raise awareness of your brand, especially when it comes to e-commerce.

Shopify sellers know that better than anyone, though since the company split from their official email marketing partner MailChimp, you might be looking for a replacement program to make your life easier.

Whilst you could certainly use their patented Shopify Email system, it’s also worth exploring your other options. Which one offers the best bang for your buck, and will drum up the most engagement and sales? Let’s find out...


Dubbing itself a “powerful, simplified tool to send emails, create pages and automate your marketing,”

GetResponse is a popular eCommerce tool that has a free thirty day trial, so you can try before you buy and see if it’s worthwhile for you.

Emails are incredibly customizable, with advanced features that allow you to deliver the best, most perfectly timed and tailored emails your customers have ever seen.

From newsletters to autoresponders and blog posts, everything occurs automatically! 

An innovative drag and drop creation platform allows you to build your messages on a desktop or mobile device, viewing both the scheduling and setup information simultaneously.

Plus, their endless list of GIFs and stock images is wild. 

Depending on your campaign goals, you can browse through free, professionally designed templates, build and curate your own library of base emails and use your own branding for truly unique yet authentic and high-quality customer service.

Not only that, but you can make your emails shoppable, allowing customers to buy directly from their inbox, automatically recommending products they might also like, and sending “abandoned cart” discount emails to help you win those buyers back.

Integrating your marketing tools with Shopify, you’ll be able to utilize all of the analytics from your store to really drive your campaign and meet your desired targets, all at the touch of a button.

No need to keep going back and forth!


No marketing experience? No problem! Become an email expert overnight thanks to the advanced tools provided by Mailerlite, and if you can’t figure out how things work, take advantage of their 24/7 live customer service team, always ready to assist.

Sign up is free, as are a set few basic features; after a fourteen day free trial of the premium features, you’ll be returned to normal account status, but this is one of the most affordable services available, so definitely worth considering.

Allowing you to build and manage your own email campaign with ease, as well as growing your existing email list, targeting and automatically segmenting your subscribers and more, this is more than just a sending service.

Once connected to your Shopify store via their impressive integration service, you’ll be able to track your sales, import products to be purchased directly from emails, as well as have automatic responses triggered when a customer buys something.

Syncing up your customer information and purchase history, the program sends targeted emails that bring old customers running back and are sure to encourage some new ones to start shopping too!

Plus, with Mailerlite’s pop up subscription forms, you can integrate a window to your Shopify store that allows customers to instantly sign up to your mailing list, magically appearing whenever they are directed to your store. 

There’s no need to hire an artist because they have some of the highest quality design templates available, with a drag and drop editing software that makes things as easy as a few simple clicks. Even a technophobe can make a beautiful email!


Want to guarantee your emails will be unforgettable? Try Campaign Monitor’s highly straightforward set of automated email marketing tools, currently used by over 2 million marketers across the world.

Their efficient drag and drop design software allows you to fully customize any template or design with your own branding - no coding required, just upload your intended text or images and it is integrated seamlessly.

Intimidated by automatic emails? Don’t be, as CM help you to create customer “journeys” even easier than ever before, thanks to their simplistic and highly useful visual journey designer, starting with every customer’s first email.

You can start using the service for free, with basic settings, as well as have a free demo of the full price software, allowing you to decide if it’s right for you before you commit to a monthly subscription.

Drive urgency into your customer’s mind by using their countdown timer system, as well as creating timely emails that automatically provide more revenue by engaging your audience of customers at the most appropriate time for every individual buyer.

Using detailed lists and lockable smart segments, the personal data of your customers, once integrated with Shopify, allows Campaign Manager to send a humanized email that doesn’t feel like a robot sent it, like getting mail from a friend.

Everyone makes mistakes, but not with CM! Their incredible Link Review system automatically detects broken, outdated or incorrect hyperlinks before the message can even be delivered. Never send an email with the wrong store link ever again!


Want to keep absolutely all of your customer details in one easy place, including the data from your Shopify account? Check out Sendinblue, a tool that is guaranteed to strengthen your customer engagement, all whilst streamlining the design process.

Not only can you create landing pages with a more targeted experience for every visitor, offering dedicated pages for every campaign you set up, but also integrated sign up forms, as well as instant Facebook ads to retarget contacts or find new ones.

Plus, if you want to branch out, you can try communicating more directly with your customers and send urgent or time sensitive messages via SMS marketing, all from the same program, as well as offering a live chat service on your Shopify site!

Boost your mail performance and save yourself hours of work by automating the sending of marketing or segmentation messages, as well as totally overhauling the design and deliverability of any transactional emails you send.

Following the performance of your emails and the success of a marketing campaign couldn’t be easier, with open, clickthrough reports that offer detailed statistics and feedback, so you can change the way things work next time.

Want some help deciding or can’t make up your mind? Allow their A/B Testing system to improve your chances of success by testing two ideas hypothetically and utilizing your existing customer data to choose the most appropriate.


Got a business that sells online? Let Klaviyo help you revolutionize your marketing as software that has driven billions of dollars in revenue for ginormous brands and tiny independent ones, across the globe.

Their next success story could be you!

Still need to build up your brand and business? Lacking in contacts?

Don’t worry: their system helps you to grow your contact list exponentially, creating SMS or email communications that help develop important, valuable customer relationships.

When you’re ready to scale things up and grow your business, taking things to the next level, their predictive tools and precise automatic software helps you to develop and then deliver the ideal experience for any customer, whichever channel you use.

Helping you listen to and analyze your customer data, as well as acting on it, all in real time, their software makes the entire process far easier.

Based directly on metrics, directly integrated with Shopify, it’s definitely one of the simplest to use.

Moving from a brick and mortar store in person to solely selling online? Broadly expand your reach and stay in touch with your customers in that same personal, intimate way, even through emails.

That relationship doesn’t have to stop!

Trigger events based on specific circumstances - dates, campaigns, segmented or listed membership - and then use their filters, A/B testing software and more to help specifically target customers and optimize the individual email they receive.


Want to grow your revenue and boost your business, but wish there was a shortcut for completing all of that hard work?

Try Omnisend’s easy to use, highly organized platform for eCommerce marketing and automation… even beginners can follow it!

Far more than an email campaign software, they are determined to expand on those every day newsletters and drive your sales with automated emails, segmentation and even SMS marketing, if that’s something you want to consider.

Allowing you to divide customers based on shopping behavior and other unique properties, you can improve your conversion rate thanks to their well-targeted and super personalized texts and emails.

Helping you to offer a consistent and regular customer service experience, built to integrate with Shopify and other eCommerce platforms, you’ll be able to directly integrate all of your information, metrics and statistics to just one place.

Already with a marketing team? Switch with no stress or fuss - their migration system allows you to automatically transfer all of your information with a complete data sync.

Your first emails could be sent out in less than half an hour!

With a single click, all of your contact and order information is synced from Shopify. You’ll then have access to their gorgeous email templates, a drag and drop editing software and pre-built automation flowcharts that drive sales - all automatically.

And if you’re worried about going it alone, don’t be: their 24/7 live chat and email customer support team means you always have someone ready to respond to your inquiry or offer advice about how best to use Omnisend.


Dubbing itself “basically your best friend,” the My Emma eCommerce marketing service declares that, like a good pal, they are there to cheer you on, show up when times are tough and support you through any and all email campaigns.

Got a whole team of people behind your Shopify store? No worries! Emma allows you to manage distributed teams, lock your templates so they can’t be edited, share logos and ensure every email is sent on time, to the correct person.

Plus, before they even MAKE IT to your customer’s inbox, every email is sent to the HQ approvals dashboard for review, where you can approve the mailing or suggest any necessary changes.

No time for mistakes or errors, just perfection every time.

Looking at things like their website visits and recent purchases, Emma utilizes your customer data from Shopify and sends a triggered, targeted email as a result of that subscriber’s activity.

Timely, appropriate AND always relevant to them.

Their dynamic content software also means that each individual subscriber - that’s one customer, not an entire campaign list - receives their OWN personalized email every time, automatically, with minimal effort on your part. That’s customer service!

Plus, if you want to use a fraction of your audience as a sounding board, Emma’s A/B content testing allows you to road test specific aspects of an email with a tiny percentage of your audience, then sends the winning result to everyone else.

And if that wasn’t enough, not only can you build and edit templates with their drag and drop functionality, but the landing pages your customers head to can also be customized and published in just one click, with no waiting periods.


Allowing you to get started for free, directly from your Shopify store, SmartrMail is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to introduce yourself to eCommerce marketing. Get ready to become an absolute expert in no time at all!

Working beyond the scope of how many times a customer opened an email or clicked a link, their metrics are specifically focused on revenue, so you can definitely ensure your sales are going to increase as a result of each marketing campaign.

Targeting is automatic, emailing products that your customers are, according to their data, most likely to purchase - no need to spend hours reading and researching, when this beautiful algorithmic tool does it all for you.

Being deeply integrated, moving all of your Shopify data to their software is as simple as one click, instantly connecting the two without any effort on your part.

No need to stress about writing everything down - it all happens as if by magic.

Not only can you drag and drop your own customizable templates, but even the automatic emails can be amended with their automated flow builder.

Create individual customer journeys with exciting features like time delays and data splits.

Sick of abandoned carts? Bring those customers back to your store no problem, thanks to their automated abandoned cart recovery emails. You don’t even need to do anything - they just get sent out!


Allowing you to combine your eCommerce data, customer shopping behavior and predictive analytics all in one easy program, Remarkety promises to grow your business with an array of effective email and social media campaigns.

Their advanced analytics lets even the most inexperienced users test out and implement new features, directly influenced by customer data and feedback, with a full dashboard that clearly illustrates everything you need to see.

AI and ML technology optimizes the product recommendation software, so even though they’re automatic and predictive, it’s almost certain that your customers will be unable to resist the adverts dropped into their inboxes.

Deliver your customers their own unique coupon codes, sure to increase the rate of engagement and purchases, instantly selecting which customers should qualify for a discount and letting Remarkety do all of the rest.

Sign up is free and easy, and the no-charge demo allows you to navigate through all of those premium features before you decide whether or not they’re worth your investment. Don’t like what you see? No worries, just don’t subscribe!


Constant Contant

Helping you to grow your brand by targeting customers directly in a place they check every day - their email inbox - Constant Contact is an awesome tool to help you achieve all of your eCommerce goals and then some.

Their marketing tools include a free Email Template Builder, as well as hundreds of mobile optimized templates for just about anything you can think of, whether that’s a sale, a product launch or a coupon code, as customized as you would like.

Once you’ve set up a campaign, tracking its success couldn’t be easier with their robust analytics and real time reporting of customer interactions and shopping habits.

All of this information helps you create the best possible marketing.

Not sure what Search Engine Optimization or any of those other buzzwords mean, but still want to give marketing a try? No problem!

Their AI powered software offers constant tips and suggestions, so there’s no need for any technological skills.

Plus, they’ll help you share the news and spread the word, whether that’s through email, social media, search engines and other kinds of online marketing, all in one handy service with every bit of information you need. 

Not convinced? A free month-long trial allows you to give all of their tools a try before you buy, so that your purchase is one made with confidence.

Why not have a go now… what’s the worst that could happen?