About Us

Rox Dawson

Hiya, I’m Rox, online store owner and now website owner-extraordinaire. My specialty is in e-commerce (Shopify, Etsy, and the like). The world of e-commerce is a rabbit hole, to be sure, and can have you feeling like a very confused Alice wandering around looking for the white rabbit to guide you through. Well, I am here to tell you that I am the ‘white rabbit’. 

When I first started, many, many years ago, I had questions upon questions but no one to ask. I clawed my way through the world of online retailing and made my own way. However, this took a long time, and as the area has expanded, I have begun to realise that there is even more for newcomers to learn! This inspired me to create a platform from which I can share my knowledge and help give others a leg up in the business. 

On my website, I aim to provide answers to some of the most common questions that arise when you are starting out in the world of e-commerce, such as how to become an online retailer and how to make changes to your e-store. As well as this, I will recommend some of the very best tools that have helped me get where I am. So, if you are an aspiring (or established) online retailer, this is the website for you!