Best Converting Shopify Themes

You have a wonderful product/s to sell and somewhere to sell it. But what if you can’t get visitors to your online store to actually buy your products.

Worst case scenario, you could end up having paid for a domain name and hosting, and all your stock etc, and be left with no one who wants to buy. You will not just lose potential custom, but you could end up with your business in debt before you’ve even got your foot off the ground.

But there’s no need to worry - we have the solution.

Shopify is a great e-commerce platform, but it can be tweaked in such a way that customers just can’t wait to buy your product/s and with the right Shopify theme in place, you can start reeling those store visitors in and convert them to paying customers.

We’ve been checking out some of the best converting shopify themes available, and we can’t wait to show you our top 5 favorites. 

Our reviews on those are coming up very shortly. And after that we’ve also got a buying guide for you that will walk you through some key things to think about when choosing your Shopify theme.

Here goes!




If you’re selling beautiful products, perhaps with delicate or intricate detail, then this would be the dream theme to go for. This is because of its excellent high quality imagery.

It’s very much picture orientated with little in the way of words until the user clicks on a product to find out a little more about it. The image boxes are very large and give a very  authentic picture of how the products look in real life.

There’s room for a logo in the upper left-hand corner, and there’s a drop-down menu across the right-hand corner, complete with that all important search icon, to enable visitors to find what they want very quickly and easily.

There’s also a product menu on the left-hand side once you scroll down past the first image. So as the user scrolls down, they will still be able to see a summary of what you have to offer.

It can be set up to produce a pop-up, whereby visitors can sign up for emails regarding your promotions.

We also love that it’s integrated with Google Maps - you can have a map on the bottom of the landing page showing where your physical store is. There’s also a contact form there for the user to send any questions to you.

The theme supports sharing on social media, so you can get your products placed on multiple platforms if someone wants to share the image.

When the user adds something to their cart, the list of added items appears on a panel to the right, where they can see the total price of items they have added so far. This is handy for users who might want to buy several items but have a budget to consider.

It’s excellent for conversion rate optimization because the customers don’t have to leave the page that’s caught their attention in order to add items to their cart.

And of course the theme is web responsive and the content will adapt to the size of the visitor’s screen.


  • Accommodates larger images
  • Supports crisp high quality images
  • Very easy for customers to navigate
  • Includes a search bar
  • Supports social media sharing
  • Slide-out shopping cart


  • Some visitors may find the pop up annoying if they’re not tempt to sign up for promotional emails right away


Customers certainly won’t get bored looking at this home page! The main top images slide over so visitors can get a quick glimpse of the best of what you have to offer before they begin their browsing.

Moreover, details of flash sales can also be marketed this way by way of a sliding bar above the main images.

Your logo meanwhile is positioned right at the center front of the home page, which we would argue is great for branding.

There’s also that all-important search icon, so if a customer is looking for a particular item, they can find it right away.

In addition to product images etc, there’s also a place in the theme for a blog. And this is great for conversion because adding frequent new content is great for climbing up the rankings on the search engine results page.

Moreover you can promote your products further with this blogging feature.

And when a customer clicks on a product to go to the product page, they are also presented with a “you may also like” product image, which is great for getting more money out of a customer.

Again, there is social media sharing facilitated and pics and details of products can be shared by your customers to various social media outlets.

This theme also supports a customer review system, which could be a good thing.

When a customer looks at your site from a tablet or phone rather than a PC or laptop, the top menu  disappears. But we would argue that this is a good thing because on smaller devices you don’t want things taking up space, when what you really want to be doing is showcasing the products.


  • Customers won’t get bored 
  • Supports use of a blog
  • Includes customer review system
  • Easy for customers to navigate
  • Includes a search bar
  • Supports social media sharing


  • Some site visitors may find the sliding images annoying


If your business has a compelling backstory, then this would be a great theme to go for! 

It has story-focused product pages, complete with a built-in timeline tool. It’s a great way to tell the story of how and why you developed your product/s, introduce the team, and make known your company mission and what you’re all about. It’s so good for branding.

This is a great way to draw in loyal customers and get repeat custom. 

The homepage is very elegant with a main image overlaid with a few carefully chosen words. And above that is a ribbon with an easy to navigate drop down menu, and your logo emblazoned front and center.

But what we really love about this ribbon is how it has icons to click on that will take the visitor directly to your social media accounts. How great is that!

Below this is the timeline we mentioned, and underneath that, there’s a section where you can show testimonials from clients who loved your products.

You can then present a selection of your products, before the customer scrolls down to an introduction to your team.

And there are other great features besides. You can create a lookbook, which is basically an editorial-style spread of your product collections. 

And we love how you can filter the collection pages by price, brand, and other customizable options. Customers will love it.


  • Great for stores with a backstory!
  • Excellent for branding
  • Display customer testimonials
  • Has links to your social media accounts
  • Set up editorial-style spreads
  • Customers can filter your collections


  • Customers have to click on a link or scroll down someway to see the products


What we love about this theme is how stripped back and clean it looks - the customer is not bombarded with words.

And talking of not being bombarded, the customer is invited to join your mailing list, but rather than appearing as a pop up, the invitation is already positioned on the home page, much like those snippets about cookies that you get when you first land on a website.

The customer is presented with a large inviting image that takes up much of the screen. Your logo and your menu are overlaid on top of the image. In addition to the easy to navigate menu, you also have that all important search bar, so if a customer is looking for a particular item, they can find it right away.

The remainder of the home page is also very pure and simple, with no pesky sidebars, or anything else that might distract your site visitors from your amazing products. And this of course can also be great for conversion.

You can also include a blog (frequent fresh content is great for SEO), but the theme is set up so that visitors aren’t met with a big block of text unless or until they click on an article they want to read more about. 

You can use the blog to market your products and provide any relevant informational content that customers could get value from. This is great for branding and attracting repeat custom.

The theme also supports video footage, so you could include some video of customers (or actors) enjoying your products. But don’t worry, the video footage does not take time to load up and won’t slow customers down or turn them away.

The theme is web responsive, so it can be viewed on any size of device.


  • Stripped back and clean
  • Supports blog inclusion
  • Supports video footage
  • Very easy to navigate
  • Excellent customer experience


  • Although the homepage will introduce your product collections, it’s not meant to showcase individual products


If you’re setting up a business on a tight budget, you may well be interested in getting yourself a theme for the best possible price. And this theme is the one we feel is best out of all the free themes.

Visitors are greeted by a nice big picture, complete with a few words of introduction. And above that, there’s a ribbon for your logo and a menu that sets out each category of product. So it’s very easy for potential customers to navigate and see at a glance all the different sorts of items you have to offer.

Better yet, there’s also a search icon, so if a customer is looking for a particular item, they can find it right away.

And below the introductory image, you can start showcasing your products. Customers only have to scroll a fraction to see the best sellers in all of your main categories.

Hopefully, one or more of these will catch the visitor’s eye straight away, but if not, all they have to do is click on “view all” to be presented with your entire range for that category of products.

Thus it’s a great theme for stores that have a large product catalogue.

When the visitor clicks on a product they like, the product page has plenty of room for you to describe just how good the product is, and gives you the chance to spell out all the wonderful features of each product.

At the bottom of the home page is a contact form where visitors can sign up for promotional emails. And there are icons displaying what payment types are accepted.

Again, there is social media sharing facilitated and pics and details of products can be shared by your customers to various social media outlets.

The theme is web responsive, so it can be viewed on any size of device.


  • Costs absolutely nothing
  • Very easy for customers to navigate
  • Includes a search bar
  • Supports social media sharing
  • Great for stores with a large catalogue
  • No annoying pop-ups


  • Your site visitors will have to scroll down to see your products

Best Converting Shopify Themes Buying Guide

As promised, here’s your buying guide where we’ll teach you what to look for in a Shopify theme for conversion.


People like images. Images make your website more appealing - most people don’t want to read a big boring block of text. Besides, you want your customers to see exactly what they’re buying right?

The larger the images the better. Larger images are not only easier to see but will make a greater visual impact.

A handy function on images is the ability to zoom in and get a really good close up. This would be of particular concern if you are selling items with a lot of intricate detail, such as items of jewelry.

You may even decide you want video clips demonstrating your product/s or a slideshow.


Your online store also needs to be very easy to navigate…

The best thing you can do for online store navigation wise is to install a search bar at the top. That way visitors can get to exactly what they’re looking for by simply typing the keyword, and clicking the search icon.

Any menus you have must be clearly visible, and also well organized, so that customers can find exactly what they want in as few clicks as possible. 

That way you don’t have to test their patience, and they have a greater chance of keeping their attention and interest before they start browsing elsewhere on the net.

You also don’t want there to be too much scrolling to find your products in case they get fed up of scrolling forever with no luck of finding their desired product.


Nothing draws a sale quite like a promotion. Customers just love the idea of getting a limited time discount. They can feel like they’re getting a really good bargain. And a happy customer can soon become a repeat customer.

To draw attention to a particular promotion, you might like to use a pop-up. However, on the flip side many website visitors can get pop-up fatigue, and simply close down every pop-up that pops up.

In which case, you might decide that it’s a better idea to feature a banner on the site, that is sufficiently well positioned that it can’t be missed.


When images, slideshows and videos feel like they take ages to load up, this is really off-putting for customers. 

Did you know that according to Google, if a page takes between 1 to 3 seconds to load, customers prefer to leave the website altogether rather than continuing to view other pages within the same site.

So, despite image and video generally being a good thing for your site, they can sometimes be a bad thing if it means taking too long to load up. This also goes for any ads on there too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Shopify themes worth it?

Did you know that in addition to over 70 premium themes in the Shopify Theme Store, there is also a growing number of free themes.

So, if you don’t like the idea of paying a one off fee for a paid theme, you could always try out a free theme first, at no cost to you.

However, having examined some of these themes, we would argue that some of the paid-for themes are absolutely worth it when it comes to navigation, aesthetic and ultimately conversion.

But then you might have different tastes, or simply prefer the idea of testing out a free theme in the first instance. 

Can you change Shopify themes?

You certainly can change your Shopify theme. Simply go to the "More Themes" section of the Themes page, and click on Actions > Publish for your preferred theme.