How To Drive Traffic To Your Shopify Store

When you open your e-commerce shop on sites such as Shopify, one of the most daunting tasks comes about when you are trying to get customers to your page. Without the customers getting to your page, you can kiss those sales goodbye.

You could have the most perfect product in the world, but if your store isn’t marketed well enough to drive traffic and attract customer conversions, then you may as well not open your business at all. 

how to drive traffic to your shopify store

As scary as this sounds, and you truly may feel doomed if you have no experience in trying to drive traffic to a virtual shop, this is something that can be learned! It is not a skill that some people have and some people don’t.

Quite the opposite since anyone can make a successful e-commerce business by knowing the knack of attracting customers (or traffic). 

Luckily for you, we just happen to be experts at this. We have compiled some of our top tips that will help you to drive traffic to your Shopify store if you are struggling with it at present. Keep on reading to find out some surefire customer-attracting tricks.

Search engine optimization 

One of the most vital things you can do to improve the flow of traffic to your Shopify site is to make sure you are fully set up and engaging with search engine optimization. Search engine optimization (or SEO) sounds extremely complicated at first but is pretty much common sense.

It is the act of ensuring that your site is one of the first things customers and consumers see when they use a search engine to look for your particular product or niche. 

As an example, if you sold homemade candles on your Shopify site, it would be most beneficial for your site to be on the first page of results when someone searched for ‘best homemade candles’. To do this, you need to optimize your content on your site to include these keywords. 

To find the keywords that your target audience looks for, you will need to do some keyword research.

Figure out what is already driving traffic to your page using tools such as Google Analytics, or check out what popular competitors are doing for theirs. Figure out what is relevant to your specific niche.

Using the examples of candles again, you may want to include keywords such as ‘homemade candles’, ‘wellness’, ‘personalized candles’, ‘handmade natural soy wax candles’, ‘handmade natural essential oil candles’, and so on.

It might come as a surprise, but those longer phrases are more specific. 

A simple search for ‘candles’ on Shopify may bring up hundreds of thousands of results, but a search for ‘handmade natural soy wax candles’ will bring far less, thus enabling customers to be more likely to see your business.

Use your chosen keywords in your Shopify product descriptions, in the names of the products, in any ALT text, and any other content you make on any site that relates to your Shopify business. 

Guest posting 

Another way of increasing traffic to your Shopify site is by reaching out to influential people within your niche to see whether you can write a guest post for them. This involves you writing a blog post for their site where you can direct their already established audience toward your site.

For example, a candle seller may be attractive to people who are into wellness, yoga, self-care, homeware, and relaxation. 

With this in mind, you may want to reach out to an influential wellness blogger to do a guest post. Another way to drive traffic to your store is to sponsor an influential figure to advertise your product.

Both of these can bring in some fresh customers that will be more likely to convert views into sales. 

Social media presence 

Having a good social media presence for your brand is key in this day and age. Gone are the days of Yellow Pages and calling Information. These days, people use social media to check out a brand before they make a purchase.

As well as this, you also want your social media presence to look appealing to anyone who happens to stumble across you online. After all, the right post can turn a curious Instagram browser into a converted Shopify sale. 

First and foremost, establish your brand identity. Choose logos, color schemes, and even fonts that you feel represent what you do. Make sure you have some good photos for your social media sites and know what makes your audience tick.

If your audience gravitates toward Facebook and Instagram, make sure you are on there. If they use TikTok, get ready to make some videos! 

As well as the actual content you post, you also need to make sure that visitors to your social media pages can easily access your Shopify store. Direct them to the store with every post, and make sure there are clickable or scroll-up links for them. 

Content marketing 

Linked to social media presence is content marketing. Whenever you post about your content online, as well as a short product description, it is a good idea to include some written content that relates to your products, too.

For example, if you have a candle business and you bring out some candles themed around fall and Halloween, you could write a piece of copy that has some of your inspiration and the story behind the candles. 

Ensure you include those all-important keywords here, by researching what keywords are popular within your niche and this particular theme. You might, for instance, include keywords such as ‘Halloween soy candles’, or ‘pumpkin spice natural scented candles’.

You can also use this method on your Shopify site, writing small paragraph-length articles that relate to the products. 


There you have it - our four top tips on how to drive traffic to your Shopify store.

Whether you sell candles or car mats, pet accessories or perfume, you are sure to be able to make use of these tips!