How To Make Money With Alibaba

These days more and more of us are seeking ways to make money, especially online. You might have heard rumors that people are making money with Alibaba and wonder, how can I do that?

When it comes to using online commerce sites to make money, many of us are unsure, dubious of scams, or losing our savings on dodgy deals or products that never arrive. It's these doubts that can put many of us off, but they needn’t!

how to make money with alibaba

Providing you do thorough research and select your products wisely; you too can make money on sites like Alibaba!

Does that sound like the answer to your prayers? Then let’s get into finding out how you can make money with Alibaba!

What is Alibaba?

For those unsure or just in need of a recap, let’s dive into what Alibaba is. Alibaba is one of the largest online commerce companies in the world. Originating in China, the company has become a popular site for online shopping in the eCommerce market. 

Alibaba is an incredibly popular site, with its online sales totaling more than eBay and Amazon combined! Now that sounds like a market we should all be desperate to be a part of, doesn’t it?

They sell on Alibaba and AliExpress, where affordable products manufacturers in China are sold for low costs. You can expect low prices but long shipping times; sometimes, it can take months for your products to arrive at the customer’s door. 

Its success is making Alibaba one of the most valuable companies globally and is quickly becoming one of the Chinese public's most valuable companies too! Now that we have covered the site itself let's look at how you can use Alibaba to make money yourself.

How to make money with Alibaba

To begin making money with Alibaba, you will need to register as a seller. This is free to do, and you can list up to 50 products. Once you have an order request, you will need to specify the details and take the customer’s payment yourself. You can do this via email or the Alibaba chat. 

Once agreed and the product has been paid for, you can arrange the shipping. You can do this directly with the manufacturer or buy the product and send it to the customer.

When doing this, it is best to avoid bulk buying products initially, to avoid being left with excess products and a loss of profits!

You won’t be charged seller feels when using Alibaba so you can keep the money you make! Once the order has been confirmed, you can arrange for the product to be created and shipped, as most items on Alibaba are made on request.

It’s the made-on request that allows sellers to make their money.

Alibaba makes its money through the Gold Supplier membership that certified companies have. It’s worth noting that this certification does not relate to the quality of products being sold. Gold Supplier sellers don’t have a limit of products they can upload and choose between three plans. 

The basic, standard, or premium plans relate to the showcasing potential. The better the plan, the more space Alibaba gives the seller to advertise, allowing them to attract more customers and generate more sales.

Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?

To make some serious money on Alibaba, there is more to it than simply setting your account up. Consider the products you want to sell; it’s best to choose products that are high in demand so you can attract lots of customers and make your sales!

You can also resell items on Alibaba, such as your unwanted items or those you have previously bought from other sellers. When doing so, ensure there are no rules regarding reselling, as companies like Amazon have strict policies about reselling products onto other sites. 

Once you have your products and your profile set up, you can sit back and let the sales roll in! Why not share your page on social media to garner more attention and sales?

Things to consider

Now that we have looked at how we can use Alibaba to make money let’s look at some factors you will need to consider before diving into selling on the eCommerce site!

Do your research!

Perhaps the most important thing to do is your research. You need to ensure that your products will sell and how to price them and where to get them from.

You want your prices to be competitive, but also providing you with a profit. Similarly, you will want to be sure that your customers will be satisfied with the quality of the item. 

Why not check out reviews from the manufacturer to ensure the quality of the product is where you want it to be before selling to your customers? You can find manufacturers through Alibaba themselves or conduct the research yourself; the choice is yours. 

Oversaturated market?

With so many people catching on to the potential profits Alibaba can provide, the market has become oversaturated.

There are now millions of sellers on there trying to make money quickly. That can mean a lot of competition for you to fight off to make a sale. 

It also means that while there are people making money, there are those on there making very little or no profit. It’s worth considering the likelihood of struggling initially to turn a profit when selling on Alibaba. 

Potential scams

You need to be careful with scammers on Alibaba. Their secure chat system is not the most secure, leaving both sellers and buyers vulnerable to scammers. Be aware and avoid giving out any personal information that could be used in any scams. 

Look out for sellers and buyers that are well-reviewed to deal with; remain vigilant at all times!

Final thoughts

So there you have it, making money on Alibaba could not be easier!

It is worth taking the time to conduct your research and build a page that is sure to attract customers and allow you to make money!